Participant tracking is done with the HikeFlyTracker app. The application favors the autonomy of the phone, so there is no point collected every second.

Points are collected only when the pilot is moving (approximately every 10m).
It is sent to the server every 100 points collected, i.e. on foot every 10 to 20 min and in flight every 1m30 to 2min.
If there is no mobile network or the phone is in airplane mode, the points are stored and then sent later.


  • Search and install HikeFlyTracker on App Store.
  • Allow access to phone location: when the app is active then always.
  • Configure your username and glider on the configuration page.
  • Start/stop tracking on the home page.

Tracks visualization

Tracks can be seen here: https://api.pyreneesairtour.com

Data Storage Duration

User data is deleted from the server after 30 days.